Blue Bay specializes in helping veteran benefits delivery leaders realize more value for veterans.

Blue Bay is proud to be a certified
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

What We Do

Blue Bay specializes in helping veteran benefits delivery leaders realize more value for veterans. Recognizing that business, benefits delivery partners, and engineering teams are often out of alignment with each other, we saw the need to create a company that could bridge these gaps. With a long history of military service, our founder seeks to help implement order in chaotic business environment, drive results from a common strategic vision, and organize integrated delivery teams to realize that vision. Formed in 2022, Blue Bay is a United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) that also helps veterans make the transition to civilian life by providing an opportunity to leverage their experiences and leadership in the civilian space. Our industry experts and teaming partners augment and mentor returning warfighters to competently deliver the services.

Program and Project Management (PMO) Support

We serve as the right hand of business leaders, leading large projects and programs to create accountability and outcomes. Unlike traditional PMO support, we deploy seasoned leaders who not only support and serve the teams delivering work, but also coach and advise our business client on optimizing value delivery. We recognize that leadership is a skill to be learned through experience. We want to help our clients hone their skills and become the leaders their teams and benefits delivery partners need.

Benefits Delivery Excellence (BDE)

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) seeks to deliver veteran benefits in a way that honors service. This raises the bar in benefits delivery. We work with benefits delivery teams to identify areas for improvement in the benefits delivery process, uncover the true root causes, and drive continuous improvement. We deploy rapid response teams that work across benefits delivery teams and their industry partners to quickly find and fix problems.

Product Discovery

Engineering teams often prefer that vetted and explored ideas enter the delivery pipeline. Business team struggle to determine which ideas to advance and how to express these ideas in a way engineering teams can understand and act upon. Product discovery is the process of rapidly “discovering” a product – uncovering the true business needs, researching different design options, and articulating the value proposition.

Why We Do It


    We believe that every returning warfighter deserves a chance to learn and apply new skills in a way that provides value to our clients.


    We believe that benefits delivery teams can always be better, no matter how good they are.

We exist to intersect these two beliefs in a way to creates jobs for veterans and realizes value for our clients and the veterans they serve.

Military Parallels

Self-organizing teams
De-centralized command
Motivated team and individuals that command respect
Daily brief and debrief
Flexibility, fluidity and adaptability
Clear responsibility two levels up and two levels down

Our Leadership

John Trodden, Chief Executive Officer

John recently retired from the Marine Corps after 25 years of active-duty service. He has deployed overseas multiple times and has numerous meritorious, commendation, and achievement awards for leadership excellence. He served as an enlisted member for 15 years, earned his commission to Second Lieutenant, and went on to serve an additional 10 years as a Commissioned Officer.

Since retiring, John has started to apply his experience to the technology industry. Specifically, he is a part of a team that is leading a modernization of existing mortgage servicing technology. Since joining the team, key outcomes include a successful conversion from a legacy system to a new platform. John is certified in Lean Six Sigma, Agile Scrum, and Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS). John is pursuing a project management professional (PMP) certification.